Opening Sentences


Memoir: I spent my days in agony.

Humanities Paper: The juxtaposition of new female sexuality against the poetic backdrop of the Garden of Eden, as well as the backdrop of 19th century social and religious experimentation in Walt Whitman’s “Enfans d’Adam,” closed the gap between narratives of American transcendentalism and sexuality’s role in spiritualism.

Church Talk: Our fear of professing gospel principles can only promise suffering for our children.

Best-selling fiction Novel: There was ash everywhere.

Science Paper: Genetically modified organisms, more commonly referred to as GMOs, have been linked to the recent rise in infertility rates.

Now it’s time to pump up my favorite…

Despite the prevailing winds which offer no respite from their wolfish gnawing, the land reclaiming initiatives set by the NWO (New World Order), and our many futile efforts to make the noxious terrain bearable (if not livable) for our overseers in the quadrant, there was ash everywhere–but here I live yet.


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